SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – Spartanburg City Council spent much of Monday night’s meeting re-working a decades-old ordinance. They’re clarifying when and where it’s OK to fire a gun in the city.

Spartanburg city leaders and the police chief said firing a gun within city limits hasn’t been allowed since 1988. Now, they’re working to clarify what that actually means for Spartanburg residents.

“Obviously, staff thinks it’s good policy to have a prohibition of discharging guns in the city, because of our density,” said city attorney Robert Coler.

A re-vamp of that ordinance aims to clear up any confusion on what is, and what isn’t, allowed.

Coler said it was always clear, through state law, that shooting into homes and cars was outlawed.

Monday night’s update makes it clear, they’re specifying the language in their ordinance.

“People simply shooting in the air, people target practicing in their backyard, people getting angry and firing a weapon in the house,” said Coler.

Police Chief Alonzo Thompson said the men and women in blue are in full support.

“We have too much gun play. We’ll have residents who will call us about, and it sounds like people are just firing guns at random in the backs of their neighborhoods,” said the Chief.

Chief Thompson said this will act as another tool in their toolbox.

“It would give us the authority though, if we have someone being so reckless and careless, during some of our holidays,” said Chief Thompson. “We could use this particular ordinance to address someone being so careless and negligent.”

This doesn’t mean there aren’t exceptions.

“For police chief authorized activities, parades and military events, shooting ranges, the urgency or self-defense, protecting your property from a dangerous animal,” said Coler.

The amendment to the ordinance passed unanimously on its first reading, city council will have their second vote in two weeks.

City officials said this ordinance only refers to firearms and doesn’t apply to BB and airsoft guns.