SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – In 2021, OneSpartanburg, Inc. landed 44 economic development projects on behalf of Spartanburg County and the City of Spartanburg, resulting in $1.9 billion capital investment and 4,045 new jobs.

Spartanburg County grew in 2021 with the addition of new opportunities for current and future Upstate residents.

“If you think of the Upstate, a ten-county region recruited $2.4 billion in new investment. $1.9 billion came from Spartanburg County,” said Allen Smith, president & CEO of OneSpartanburg, Inc.

“This is across the board. It’s manufacturing, it’s distribution, it’s the therapeutics and the vaccine industry, like PALL corporation, and also the golden goose of the area, BMW,” said David Britt, economic development chair for Spartanburg County Council.

According to the South Carolina Department of Commerce, three Spartanburg projects made the list for top ten projects in the state by capital investment. Walmart was #2 at $450 million, Oshkosh Defense was #5 at $155 million, and BMW Manufacturing was ranked #9 at $100 million. Spartanburg was also recognized in the top ten for job creations in South Carolina: #2 Oshkosh Defense at 1,000 new jobs, #8 Pall Corporation at 425 new jobs, and #9 Walmart at 400 new jobs.

“The growth has been tremendous. Over the past ten years, we’ve added 43,000 residents, which would be like adding another city of Spartanburg and town of Lyman within Spartanburg County,” said Smith. “Also, as I mentioned the 4,045 jobs, that’s like every single citizen in the city of Duncan getting a new job.”

Companies entering Spartanburg announced 80% of new investment, with the remaining 20% coming from companies with existing Spartanburg County operations. Traditional industrial sectors including advanced manufacturing, advanced materials, automotive, distribution & logistics, accounted for 68% of new investment. Growth sectors including life sciences, commercial, multifamily, office & shared services, accounted for 22%.

  • Oshkosh Defense built the U.S. Postal Service’s next generation fleet in Spartanburg County
  • Walmart selected Spartanburg County for a new, high-tech grocery distribution center
  • Proterra announced a Spartanburg County facility to manufacture electrical vehicle battery systems
  • TTI Floor Care North America established its new distribution center in Spartanburg County
  • GML Industries established a Spartanburg County facility to manufacture automotive wiring harnesses and electoral control panels
  •  BMW Manufacturing announced a new $100m logistics center at Plant Spartanburg
  • Automotive floorer Auria announced a $1.24m expansion to meet growing demands
  • Siemens announced a 52,000 sq. ft. expansion of its energy infrastructure manufacturing hub
  • AFL announced a $40.5m expansion and 197 new jobs to increase manufacturing capacity
  • Contec announced a $6.4m investment and 39 new jobs to increase manufacturing capacity
  • PALL Corporation announced a new facility that will support the rapid development and production of vaccines and therapeutics
  • MP Cloud Technologies/EMTech established office operations in Downtown Spartanburg 
  • EPICA International established corporate, imaging and robotic, and assembly operations for Epica Human Health and Epica Animal Health
  • Agape Care Group selected Downtown Spartanburg as the new home of its corporate headquarters

“They are high-paying jobs that help us raise our per capita income for all of our citizens,” explained Britt. “All of this energy, and all of this excitement, and investment just makes us have a better quality of place for our residents to live. And like I say, to have a great life to work, live and play right here in Spartanburg.”

Developers are also investing in Spartanburg housing and hospitality markets. These investments bring our economic development efforts full circle, as they bolster our ability to attract new business and talent to Spartanburg County. 

  • The M Peters Group announced a $60 million mixed-use development at the site of Clifton Mill Number Two, to include multifamily units, restaurant space and public park improvements
  • Hawkeye Hotels announced a $20.1 million Fairfield Inn and Suites in Downtown Spartanburg

“With the success that we are having today, and the success that we are going to have in the future, the people of the Upstate, and the people that are going to be moving to the Upstate are going to have tremendous economic opportunity,” said Smith.

“You can never take your foot off the gas pedal, because excitement, and energy, and growth means success and we are succeeding way beyond what we really deserve,” said Britt. “We are very blessed.”

According to an economic and fiscal analysis completed by Regional Transactions Concepts, the $1.9 billion of new investment and 4,045 new jobs announced in 2021 will lead to an estimated total employment impact of 10,149 and a total impact on output of $2.8 billion by 2026.