SPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) — Living alone and away from family can be worrisome for many people.

“Although I’m pretty healthy, I have been worrying about what would happen if I had a disabling fall or anything that could happen to someone who lives alone and doesn’t necessarily have a recurring social outlet where I would be noticed if I was missing,” explained Kevin Whitney.

Beginning Monday, Spartanburg County’s Emergency Management will begin the Silver Checks program.

Those who sign up will receive phone calls from volunteers every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10 a.m. They can tell the volunteer that they are doing OK or if they need help.

“We’re there to lend a listening ear at times and mainly make sure they’re okay,” said Robbie Swofford, the county’s Emergency Management Coordinator. “If they’re not, we’ll try to see what we can do to help them out.”

If the person does not answer, emergency management will go to their home to do a welfare check.

“I think it’s a really reassuring feeling especially for those who are unfortunately in that stage of life where they’re homebound and don’t have that opportunity to interact with many people other than maybe the call they receive from us,” said Swofford.

Emergency management hopes this program will provide a helping hand to those who are older or just need some support.

“I think it’s going to be really helpful to others in my situation,” said Whitney.

How to sign up for program

To sign up, you can call Emergency Management at 864-274-6263, or you can visit this website.