SPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – The Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office is asking people with Ring doorbells to download an app to help with crime. They said downloading the Neighbors app can help them solve crimes in your area.

“It’s almost like a non-sleeping neighborhood watch program, to tell you the truth,” said Sheriff Chuck Wright.

Sheriff Chuck Wright said if you download the Neighbors app, you can help solve crimes near you.

“Everybody in their neighborhoods wants crime to be out of it. If you see something, and you’re signed up on this app, it’s your choice to send this to us,” he said.

Here’s how it will work, Sheriff Wright said you download the app and it will alert you if something happens in your area.

“We’re going to push out some media post to the people that have that app, and say, hey, we had a crime in your area, do you have time to please look at your Ring doorbell and if you see something that might be helpful, can you e-mail it to us,” said Sheriff Wright.

He said the only video they will be able to see is what you send in.

“I want the public to know, first, that we can’t just go look at your Ring doorbell. We don’t have access to just break into your surveillance system,” he said.

“This looks like a very legitimate way to localize the Amber Alert. It just looks like a pretty ingenious app that gives Spartanburg County the opportunity to say, hey, this location at this area, we have this issue if anybody sees something, can you say something,” said John Reckenbeil.

Attorney John Reckenbeil, said any video you share needs to be accurate.

“You are not giving access to the police to your internal database,” said Reckenbeil.

He said it’s not like the sheriff’s office would be logging into your Ring doorbell.

“So, you would be getting an alert that there’s some criminal activity in your neighborhood and it would be asking for information,” he said.

“There’s no functional way that I can break into your app anyway and I promise you the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office, we’re not going to do that anyway,” said Sheriff Wright.

Sheriff Wright said these doorbells can help solve a lot of crimes.

“We’re able to get a description of a car, you know, or say, okay there’s two people there,” he said.

He said they can also help keep thieves away, especially as the holiday season rolls around.

“I can tell you that the Ring doorbell has stopped a lot of porch pirates,” said Sheriff Wright.

Sheriff Wright said if you choose to download the app and respond to their request by submitting video, they’re going to try and keep it as anonymous as they can.