SPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – Spartanburg County has a new program honoring hometown heroes.

21 local veterans were inducted into the county’s Hall of Heroes Thursday night.

Each veteran was nominated and had to either be born in, currently live in, or be buried in Spartanburg County.

America’s soldiers, who raised a hand and took an oath to defend the United States, were recognized for their service during the ceremony.

“It’s a great honor to be recognized for your service and I know all of my colleagues, in there, feel the same way,” said inductee Ed Hall.

These veterans served in all branches and around the world.

“We’ve still got some World War II guys, Vietnam guys,” said Bob Walker, a veteran on Spartanburg County Council.

21 people who fought to protect the Constitution of the United States.

“Against all foreign in domestic and everybody took that attitude and said I’m here, I’ll do my duty and hope that I do it well. So, that’s what it’s about,” said Hall.

Each one risking their lives for this country.

“I lost my hearing due to explosions and things like that,” said 96-year-old World War II veteran Robert Justice.

Veterans of all ages were honored.

“I feel great, I’m 96 and blessed. So, I feel good going anywhere,” said Justice.

They were given awards for their heroic actions, and they’re grateful their service was recognized.

“Mainly because some of us, like me, myself at 96-years-old, we won’t get to come to many more, but we’re ready,” said Justice.

“We’ve got veterans that are suffering all over this world, so we need to do what we can,” said Walker.

There was a military style service and a large crowd honoring the inductees. Some of whom are no longer alive to receive their awards.

Five businesses and individuals that have went above and beyond to support veterans and their families were also honored during the ceremony with Spirit of the Spartan awards.

Veterans who received awards:

  • Thomas Atkins, deceased
  • Gary Foster, deceased
  • Michael Thornton
  • Christopher Blessett
  • Craig Burnette
  • Ralph Camp
  • Joe Dunlap, deceased
  • Dale Emerson
  • John Fair
  • Edward Hall
  • Peter Holt
  • Robert Justice
  • Bradley Keys, deceased
  • John Littlejohn Jr.
  • Stanley Moore
  • Lewis Perry
  • Walter Ratlift
  • McRae Starnes
  • Mary Ann Stoeppler
  • Richard Stoeppler
  • Robert Wootton

Spirit of the Spartan Awards:

  • Warriors Once Again
  • Veterans Last Patrol
  • HEART Program
  • Marina Habisreutinger
  • Robert Justice