SPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – Spartanburg County’s new budget for the fiscal year is being heavily impacted by inflation.

County officials said this year’s presented budget is $265 million. They said inflation is increasing everything from fuel costs, to insurance, to how much they spend on inmates’ food. The county said they’re able to do this without impacting your pockets.

This year’s fiscal budget is almost $25 million more than last year. With all the extra money, all county-wide employees will receive a 5% pay increase.

“From the newest hire to the most senior. Across the board, 5%,” said Spartanburg County Councilman David Britt.

Britt, who is also chair of Economic Development for Spartanburg County, said sworn-in officers will get an extra 2.5% increase on top of that. He said the county is also setting aside $1 million just for fuel costs.

“To take care of our vehicles, both at the landfill and roads and bridges and the sheriff’s department,” he said.

He said inflation has impacted everything.

“Inflation has touched everything in our budget,” said Britt. Especially how much they spend on fuel, but Britt said the county is prepared.

“The last thing in the world we want to happen is if someone calls 911 and they need the sheriff, they need EMS, or they need the coroner, or roads and bridges or animal control, that we don’t have the money to pay to get there,” he said.

The good news, is the increased budget will not take a toll on your bank account.

“We’re not having a tax increase this year, we’re not raising taxes one penny,” said Britt.

The reason they’re able to pay for all of this, Britt said, is from taxes due to growth in the county. Especially, with all of the companies moving to Spartanburg.

“They’re the ones, along with this 20.6 people moving to Spartanburg every day, they’re the ones that have enabled us to do these increases, because we have more tax money coming in from both industries and the new folks,” he said.

Britt said a big focus of the budget will go towards roads, bridges and improving infrastructure.

Even though there’s more traffic, Britt said the growth is a plus because it takes financial burdens off of the residents. He said the budget has to be approved before June 30, because it all takes affect starting July 1.

County council approved the first reading of the budget this past Thursday and will have their second reading this coming Monday.