SPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – Spartanburg County leaders are making sure their most vulnerable residents are protected through their Safety Blitz Program.

Officials with the county are partnering with different agencies to cover different neighborhoods in the area to make sure that everyone is prepared and safe during storms and fires.

They are giving out free weather alert radios and smoke detectors to make sure everyone has the tools necessary to keep themselves safe.

“Mobile home parks are the most vulnerable. This is a way of getting advanced warning to people who are in the most vulnerable structures,” said volunteer Lee Gosnell.

Emergency Management, their Community Emergency Response Team, local fire departments and Red Cross came together to lend a hand.

Spartanburg County Parks and Rec Department is supporting the effort by providing transportation for each Safety Blitz. Gosnell says their goal is to give out 1,200 devices, for free, to different mobile homes across the county.

Gosnell said that, currently, they are focusing on mobile homes within the Whitney Fire District.

“Firefighters are going to be installing those smoke detectors within the structures for those people that are allowing us to come in,” said Gosnell.

She said mobile homes are susceptible to more damage.

“They are not anchored into concrete like a regular house structure is. They are more likely to be knocked over in wind, more likely to receive damage,” she said.

Hugh Whitehead has lived in his home for four years. He’s already experienced damage due to recent storms.

“Yeah, I got a bad front door, water’s been getting in my living room. I keep it blocked out with an old blanket,” said Whitehead.

He already had a smoke detector, but said he feels safer with his new weather radio.

“I can take some extra precautions. Double covered on that,” said Whitehead.

Gosnell said Bonner Road Park is just one stop along the way, as the county continues the Safety Blitz Program throughout the year.

“It’s a blanket of protection for these communities,” said Gosnell.

If you would like a free weather alert radio and haven’t been visited yet, you can contact Spartanburg County. For a free smoke detector, contact your local fire department.

The next safety blitzes scheduled for the county are as follows:

  • 7/18/22 – 5pm-7pm – Archer Ridge Mobile Home Park – 600 Archer Rd
  • 8/1/22 – 5pm-9pm – Lakewood Mobile Home Park – 127 Cleveland Chapel Rd