SPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – Spartanburg County and South Carolina Veterans’ Affairs signed an agreement on Tuesday to take part in the ‘Combined Arms’ initiative.

The Texas-based program provides veterans with easy access to various resources at all levels, from state to federal.

The ‘Combined Arms’ initiative is a non-profit that helps establish organizations that support veterans. With this new partnership, veterans in Spartanburg can have referrals to one of these organizations within 72 hours. Through the program, veterans are also given 24-hour support for health, housing, and even unemployment.

“We want veterans of South Carolina to thrive,” said David Rozelle, Director of Operations for the SC Department of Veterans Affairs. “Right now we have an all-time low of unemployment for veterans in South Carolina. We’re proud of that but that doesn’t mean we can continue to work to find them better jobs so they can get above the cost of living in South Carolina and they can afford the homes”

“These platforms will allow us to farm out the resources so to speak to where we can actually connect those veterans a lot quicker,” added Brent Cobb, Director of Spartanburg Co. Veterans Affairs.

Spartanburg is the first county in the state to join the coalition. For more information, click here.