DUNCAN, S.C. (WSPA) – Spartanburg County plans to begin work on another road improvement project in the next couple of weeks.

This time, they will be implementing a roundabout at the intersection of Woods Chapel Road and Victor Hill Road.

According to the county, the goal behind this project is to improve safety and to continue to promote good traffic flow in an area that has and continues to see commercial and industrial growth.

“As we continue to be a growing area, we are being in a growing industry, a lot of people are moving here from other states and we have got to put a strong emphasis on improving traffic flow in a lot of areas as well,” said Representative Steven Long, (R) 37th District, Spartanburg County.

When it comes to prioritizing road projects, the County Transportation Committee (CTC) has developed a ranking system. The formula used in the system is heavily weighted towards improving safety, but it also takes into consideration the existing geometry of the roadway and the current level of congestion.

For this particular project, when the crash data and average daily traffic were analyzed at Woods Chapel Road and Victor Hill Road, it was apparent that improvements were needed.

The intersection had an MEV (Accidents per Million Entering Vehicles) of 3.896. Typically, an intersection warrants improvement if the MEV score is greater than 1.0.

“We’ve got to put a stronger focus on road improvements and that’s for safety where there have been numerous accidents at a number of different roads and so safety is a major component of it,” said Rep. Long.

Several potential improvements were evaluated, but it was ultimately determined that a roundabout would be the favorable recommendation to improve safety and help mitigate congestion.

The intersection was presented to the CTC for consideration and the construction of a roundabout was approved in May of 2020.

“It’s a weird intersection that comes in right there, which is a lot of the reason, I think, that is why they are putting in the roundabout or the traffic circle at that location,” said Long.

Representative Rita Allison, Representative Josiah Magnuson, Representative Max Hyde, and Representative Steven Long have all supported this $1.85 million project through the pledging of their CTC set-aside monies.

Beginning on May 26th (weather permitting), the intersection of Woods Chapel Road and Victor Hill Road will be converted into a four-way stop. New stop signs have already been placed on Woods Chapel Road. This is a temporary measure that is being put into place to help control traffic during the construction of the roundabout.

The project is expected to be complete by September of 2022.