SPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – Spartanburg County is cracking down on dilapidated buildings. Officials said places like the Spartanburg Motor Lodge have fallen into disrepair.

The Spartanburg Motor Lodge used to once thrive in the county.

“In its day, that was a booming, not only hotel, but a restaurant. They were the Baskin Robins before Baskin Robins came along,” said David Britt, with County Council.

Now, it’s getting torn down. “The Spartanburg Motor Lodge is a great example of out of state owners, not really being in touch with this county and this community,” said Britt.

County Council Vice President, David Britt, said its been a battle trying to contact the owner. After seeking legal action, they have gotten the green light.

“If you drive by it in the next week, it will be set in rubble,” he said.

The Motor Lodge has seen it’s fair share of illegal activity over the past few years, which has taken a toll on the Sheriff’s Office.

“We go through there a lot and try to catch folks that are bringing in drugs, and using drugs, we spent a lot of manhours trying to do that,” said Sheriff Chuck Wright.

Sheriff Chuck Wright said it has cost the sheriff’s office tons of money.

“It’s several, several hundreds of thousands. Just over the years of having to go for calls for service and those kinds of things,” said Sheriff Wright.

Britt said the county is now able to tackle this project because its seeing more money being invested.

“With all the companies that have moved to Spartanburg, have gotten on the tax rolls, all the people that have moved here. That’s enabled us to be able to in a much better financial position,” said Britt.

The Motor Lodge is only one project on the laundry list the county is looking to clean up.

“We’re tired of it, we’re not going to put up with it. The message is being sent loud and clear throughout Spartanburg county, especially businesses, if you don’t have your facilities up to code, we’re coming,” he said.

Britt said the county is set to finish the demolition either this week, or next. Any citizen who sees an area that needs to be cleaned up, click here or call (864) 596-2915.