SPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) — On Monday, students will fill the halls of Spartanburg District 3 schools for the first day of school, but before students arrive, teachers are making sure their classrooms are ready.

“School starts Monday, so it’s been kind of crazy,” said Cowpens Elementary first grade teacher Megan Grigg.

Cowpens Elementary teachers headed back to school this week, putting the final touches on their classrooms.

“There’s always the things that you need to do with your lesson planning and materials and things like that, whereas a lot of our time this week has been spent with the environment and the space, getting that ready,” said Grigg.

Monday was the first day teachers were able to get into their classrooms. The school is one of four in the district that has been closed for renovations this summer.

“It’s like a whole new place, walking into my classroom it looked very different,” said Grigg.

To prepare for construction, teachers said they had to clear out everything at the end of last school year. Normally, they’re able to leave their classrooms, as is, during the summer.

“We were so excited to get started, but we only had four of five days to get all of our stuff unpacked and get ready for the kids,” said second-grade teacher Jessie James.

Now, they’re moving back in and said it feels like walking into a brand-new school.

“We have new carpets, new desks, new teacher desk, new painting, new lights, very, very 21st-century classroom,” said James.

With just a few days left until the first day, teachers said they’re excited to welcome students back to class.

“It’s just crazy, but we’re going to be ready for Monday, even if it takes us all weekend,” said Grigg.

They hope parents and students are ready for the year too.

“Have a good last weekend of summer and Monday morning be ready to get started at 7:45,” said James.

District 3 leaders said elementary and middle school students start class at 7:45 a.m. High school students start at 8 a.m.