DUNCAN, S.C. (WSPA) – This month voters approved Spartanburg School District Five’s bond referendum, allowing the district to move forward with its multi-million dollar expansion project.

On Monday, the first steps of the renovation and construction process began for Spartanburg District Five schools. According to district leaders, its taking place in an effort to accommodate the area’s rapid growth. The project will create more space for its students.

“We are preparing for the future and insuring the very best for every child, every day in Spartanburg District Five,” said Phil McIntyre from Spartanburg District Five’s Board of Trustees.

Nearly four weeks after the successful passage of the $295 million bond referendum, leaders gathered at the sight of a future middle school. It is the first major step of the planned project.

“We have several renovations. We have several additions and then several new construction projects taking place as part of the successful referendum that we had a couple of weeks ago,” said Greg Wood, Spartanburg District Five’s Assistant Superintendent for Operations.

The construction of the new middle school is the first of three new constructions.

“When we start moving dirt out here, we are going to be moving 300,000 cubic yards of dirt on our site to my rear,” said David Wise, president of Harper Construction. “We are going to set 757 tons of structural steel, bar joist and metal decking. There will be about 220,000 bricks that will be laid on this project and over 1,000 cubic yards of concrete.”

Voters approve Spartanburg School District Five bond referendum

“Anybody that’s been around the Upstate has seen the growth that we’ve had. District Five has experienced a lot of growth in the past few years and what this enables us to do is to have more capacity for the student enrollment growth that we’ve had,” said Wood.

According to District Five leaders, they are able to move forward with the expansion because of the community’s effort.

“We were pleased that our community trusted us to do that and we want to use the money wisely and have this investment for our students future,” said Wood.

District leaders said they expect the renovations and constructions of its schools to be complete by August 2024.