SPARTANBURG, S.C (WSPA) – Multiple South Carolina groups have joined forces to provide the community with what opportunities in the EV workforce are coming to the Upstate.

“Technology is rapidly changing,” said Rene Kelly, Clean Transportation Coordinator for the South Carolina Energy Office.

“Every six months I am noticing huge changes and new technology and new applications, in the world of electric vehicles,” Kelly explained.

What is also on the fast track is EV job opportunities in the Upstate.

“There have been several announcements throughout South Carolina that talk to additional jobs that are coming from regional equipment manufacturers who are designing electric vehicles in South Carolina,” Kelly said.

Additional jobs are also going to be included through one of the region’s biggest employers, BMW.

“We have BMW that’s expanding their plant to have electrical vehicles,” Toni Sutton, President of South Side Sankofa added.

To make sure that people know about these emerging opportunities, Palmetto Clean Fuels along with other partners were in Spartanburg to start the beginning of the conversation.

“For young folk and or people who are transitioning in their career, to see if there are electrical contractors out there that have been working in housing and then how to transition their skills over to electric vehicles,” Kelly said.

Many are hoping that the fast-growing community will be a part of a booming new industry.

“This community is so small, it started out as a mill town and was used to traditions we used to if it’s not broke don’t fix it, but technology is advancing, and we need to know about that and have that come into our community,” Sutton said.

“Because of the opportunities that are coming to Spartanburg as I said I really want folks within all of the communities especially those in the disadvantaged communities to understand what skills are needed and what opportunities are here,” Kelly said.

Palmetto Clean Fuels along with Proterra are providing a free virtual training that will cover an overview of battery electric buses on September 12th, 14th and 27th.