SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) The City of Spartanburg has recently welcomed Kevin Limehouse to their staff as assistant city manager. He’s tasked with tackling some of the challenges with the city’s rapid growth.

“I could give you a long list of why I think Spartanburg is the future of the state, but it came down to three c’s for me,” said Kevin Limehouse, Spartanburg assistant city manager. “It’s collaboration, there’s a level of collaboration here that just doesn’t happen in other places, there’s care and there’s compassion.”

Limehouse comes to Spartanburg from Charleston, where he worked in state and local government for 17 years. He said he recognizes the role he’s taking on.

“I believe in long term planning,” said Limehouse. “I like for government to be proactive, not reactive but the nature of our job…there are things that happen that you have to take care of immediately so a little bit of a balance of both working on some projects now that are some low hanging fruit but developing long term plans that will continue to go with the growth that we have.”

Residents have some areas of concern they want him to address.

“There’s new houses being built, new apartment complexes, and I think the traffic has been getting worse definitely over the past few years, so maybe like expanding the roads, building new ones just so everybody has an easier time going around,” said Darya Niamira, who lives in Spartanburg.

Others echo similar issues.

“I’ve seen Spartanburg County grow for a bit and a lot of people from the west are moving in so these box houses are building up and they’re kind of iffy, and on top of all that traffic and roads kind of suck so that will be great points of improvements, building some decent houses and improving the roads,” said Victor Belous, lives in Spartanburg.

Limehouse said he’s ready to get to work on these concerns.

“My focus will be to listen and learn so that we can streamline those internal resources to make sure we are providing the best for our citizens,” said Limehouse.