SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA)- The decades-old International Festival took place in Spartanburg on Saturday, showcasing the various international residents who call the Hub City home.

From Asia to the Middle East and beyond, countries like Paraguay were represented at the annual festival.

“We have the popular dance, you see her holding the bottle at the top and dancing, last month September we won the record Guinness for 16 bottles,” Paraguay volunteer, Cesar Recald said.

Eugenia Pacheco-Pinedo, a volunteer representing Colombia said the festival is a way for her to show Spartanburg what Colombia is all about.

“I have been living here for almost 20 years and I want to show in international festivals the beauty that Colombia has to offer to the world.”

Aundi Hunter, Special Events Manager with the City of Spartanburg said the festival gives residents a chance to explore the different cultures of the world without leaving home.

“We have this place called the Avenue of Nations where parents and kids are able to travel from over 30 different countries right here in Barnett Park,” Hunter said. “I think that’s a really amazing thing about Spartanburg is the community aspect of it is because again the entire avenue of nations and food court is community driven all volunteers.”

That gives residents a chance to try things they don’t see every day.

“The deserts, the food from Turkey and Venezuela, it is all good,” Festival goer Robin File said.