SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – With shopping in full swing here in the Upstate, some police departments are going above and beyond.

Officials said shoplifting cases are on the rise during the holidays and law enforcement is trying to keep everyone safe.

The Spartanburg Police Department is having extra officers, both on and off-duty, patrol the streets of downtown Spartanburg and the other shopping districts.

Major Art Littlejohn said this is something they do every year and they always have a plan.

“We believe that just seeing the officer present will cause people to not commit crimes,” said Major Littlejohn.

He said they’re doing what they can to cut back on crime.

“But also, let people other know they’re safe by seeing the officer in the parking lot,” he said.

Littlejohn said they want their officers to remain visible, but even off-duty officers will be responding to calls.

“They come in on their day off, and also for us, we have some special assignments, as well,” said Major Littlejohn. “And many of the officers will work on their day off in order to cover the extra patrols we need in some of the shopping centers.”

Some officers are working extra hours after their regular shifts.

“When they’re not busy, they’re in those districts as well and they’re monitoring those shopping areas,” said Major Littlejohn.

While the number of officers varies, Major Littlejohn said everyone should remain vigilant.

“The crime doesn’t really increase based on just that people are going to go out and do things, just that there’s more people out,” he said.

From downtown to their east and west sides, the men and women in blue have it covered.

“We look at the data from the previous years, we use that data to see where the crime is mostly occurring and then that’s where we put our officers,” said the Major.

Black Friday has proven to be busy for downtown shops.

“There’s a lot of people downtown and there’s a lot of foot traffic, which is good to see,” said Sarah Picou, owner of Pink On Main.

They’re always aware of potential shoplifters.

“We’re always kind of vigilant on that, we always keep a lazy eye on that,” said Tori LeRoy, owner of Two Doors Down.

The extra patrol leaves business owners feeling safer.

 “I think it’s great that the cops are walking around, and we love that they’ll check in and chat with us,” said LeRoy. “We feel a lot more safe having them around.”

“Just to feel extra safe is always good,” said Picou.

Major Littlejohn said they’re beginning this extra patrol in the shopping districts on Black Friday and it will go through the holidays, until Christmas.

He said traffic collisions are also on the rise this time of the year. Major Littlejohn said if you see anyone committing a crime, inform an employee, call 911, or tell an officer you see.