SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – The Spartanburg Police Department released their crime statistics Monday for the last year.

Police Chief Alonzo Thompson said there has been a steady downward trend over the past 26 years.

Violent crimes have decreased by almost 28% over the past 10 years. Of the 331 violent crimes committed in 2022, most were aggravated assaults.

An area of focus, the chief said, is the opioid problem. Another, is people not locking their cars, which lead to over 80% of stolen firearms.

Chief Thompson said they will continue the new year with many goals.

“Building positive relationships between us and the community, being transparent, being professional in our conduct. Doing things during non-contentious times to build that trust and confidence in each other,” said Chief Thompson.

There have been lots of advancements towards helping those experiencing homelessness and mental health issues.

Chief Thompson said they’re not done yet.