SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – If you live in Spartanburg, the police department wants to hear from you.

The department is giving out their 2022 community survey to the public.

The men and women in blue want to know how well they’re serving the City of Spartanburg.

“Seeking that feedback from the community to sort of kinda keep up with how they see us and how they feel about how prepared we are to assist them in their time of need,” said Master Patrol Officer Jennifer Watson

Watson has been behind the badge for 20 years. She said they give this survey out every couple of years.

“The more feedback we have, of course, the more suggestions we’re going to get back, the more broad of a view we’re going to get of what people are seeing of our officers,” she said.

Around 600 surveys went out in the mail last week.

“They don’t have to necessarily reside in the City, but anybody that’s had an interaction with an officer in the past year,” said Officer Watson.

Officer Watson said officers are handing them out and there are digital copies available, as well.

“We usually have a pretty good, positive response from our community. We’re very grateful to live and work in a community that supports us, overall,” she said.

With the number one request from people being more patrols in their specific neighborhoods. The questionnaire also asks people to take a deeper dive on those sworn to protect the community.  

“What everybody’s concerns are as far as their safety in the City of Spartanburg,” said Watson. “We’re asking about their overall view of how professional our officers are, how courteous they are, if they appear to be well trained, and just their overall performance.”

She said the accredited agency looks at this as another tool in their toolbox to help improve the department.

Officer Watson said people can also go to City Hall and pick up a survey. They will be available until July 31.