SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – All five schools in Spartanburg County District Three Schools spent the summer being renovated in preparation for the new school year.

At Cannons Elementary School, the renovations helped with class sizes when teachers walked into brand new classrooms with all new furniture and technology.

Principal Elizabeth Phillips said teachers will be able to keep the small class sizes and said the smaller groups in the classroom benefit both the teachers and the students.

“It gives more individualized attention,” said Principal Phillips. “It’s important here to have strong relationships with all of our kids.”

Brooke White is a 3rd-grade teacher at Cannons Elementary and said it allows her to “dig deeper with them in small groups” and “allow education that’s differentiated with them.”

White said she is also excited about the new look of her classroom, especially the new desks and technology.

Principal Phillips said District Three is constantly growing and the renovations will help with more students coming to the area.

One major part of the renovations is a new wing of the school, which is set to be ready in December, that will open up six new classrooms.

While a majority of the renovations were completed right before school started, Principal Phillips said the new wing has always been slated to open in December and it’s on track to do so.