SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – Spartanburg School District 3 announced Tuesday it will purchase and deploy weapons detection systems at all its schools within the next six to eight weeks.

The district decided to purchase at least one OPENGATE system for each school. The technology costs roughly $20,000 per system, according to district leaders. Even though equipping the district’s six schools and technology center will cost well over $100,000, Deputy Superintendent Rodney Goode told 7News cost is nothing when compared to safety.

“Safety and security is on everyone’s mind, and rightfully so,” Goode said. “We at Spartanburg 3 feel as though if we could just add another layer of protection on top of safety measures that we’re already doing… our students, staff and community will feel safe.”

The two-pillar design boasts the ability to detect guns, knives and other weapons through pockets and bags; it is controlled through applications for phones and tablets.

Goode told 7News the systems are portable and will be used for sporting events and extracurricular activities. The district is still working on a plan for whether staff, school resource officers or both will operate the systems on campus.