SPARTANBURG, SC (WSPA)- It is flea and tick season and one collar that prevents them has been making headlines after a Congressional Report linked them to 2,500 pet deaths.

Spartanburg Veterinarian Dr. Bill Bledsoe said the EPA ranks the collars number one in reported incidents than any other pesticides used.

According to the report, the collars were linked to almost 90,000 incidents and 2,500 pet deaths.

Dr. Bledsoe said, “the numbers break down to one incident per 1,000 collars” and, “eight deaths per 100,000 collars.”

The numbers, Bledsoe said, might not be high enough for the collars to be recalled but they are still high in his opinion.

The EPA said there is also 1,000 human incidents reported as well.

Dr. Bledsoe said the pesticides in the collar do not absorb into the pet’s skin, they stay on the fur and come in contact with the humans when they pet them.

“People will pet their dog and sleep with your dog and get it on their hands directly,” said Bledsoe, “and inhale it constantly.”

According to Dr. Bledsoe, internal pet pesticides limit that contact.

Internal pesticides can be anything from pills to drops that go directly onto the pet’s skin and are absorbed.