SPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) — Cities across the country are facing water crises and implementing boil advisories as issues with infrastructure impact water supply.

Leaders at Spartanburg Water said regular maintenance and upgrades help ensure you have clean drinking water.

“People open up the tap, they have a drink of water in the morning, they really don’t think about it,” said Rick Jolley, deputy chief operating officer at Spartanburg Water.

Jolley said serving clean drinking water is a job they take seriously at Spartanburg Water.

“If you sit and think about what all goes into it, just the time, the effort, the money, the investments over time, it’s truly important,” said Jolley.

Jolley said one of the latest efforts upgraded equipment at the R.B. Simms Water Treatment Plant. It’s a $32 million project that started a few years ago and will be in action later this year.

“We invest back in our infrastructure. Whether it’s to keep our facilities running like they should, it’s all about compliance and things like that. But also, we invest to improve things,” said Jolley.

He said the new oxidation project technology will help make the water better.

“This allows us to actually run it through this process and it eradicates any of those things that might cause an odor problem or a taste problem,” said Jolley.

He said staff constantly monitor processes at the plant. He said it takes a lot of moving parts, before water arrives at your home.

“We’ve also got, you know, all of our operators that are monitoring the process throughout the day, looking at different components, looking to see if the water is turbid or something like that, making sure we’re hitting our quality goals,” said Jolley.

He believes these investments in people, equipment, and technology keep their systems running smoothly and taps running clear.

“We didn’t get to be almost 100 years old here by mistake,” said Jolley.

Jolley said more maintenance and infrastructure projects are underway, too.

He said some of the upgrades include a waterline re-do project in Converse Heights and on Union Street.