SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – Crowds are filling the streets of downtown Spartanburg this weekend for the annual Spring Fling.

“I’m from Spartanburg, I come here almost every year,” said Bugg Crosby, Spartanburg resident. “I love getting funnel cake and supporting the little businesses on the side”

A variety of foods are lining the streets, something many residents said is their favorite part. 

“We tried from that place over there, some fries and a jumbo corn dog and it was awesome,” said Gabriella Oquendo, Spartanburg resident.

“The fried Oreos, the funnel cake, it’s the best time I love it,” said Nick Marzouca, Spartanburg resident.

Spring Fling is a three-day event, with lots more lined up for tomorrow. Several residents said they love that it’s three days because it’s something they look forward to all year.

“Especially after the pandemic it’s really nice to see the whole community coming together and just having a good time,” said Gary Smith, Spartanburg resident.

Above all, residents said the Spring Fling is when they feel closest to their family, friends and city.

“You get to be with family and friends and you get to see everybody,” said Lahna Washington, Spartanburg resident.

“I’ve only been here for two years and for the two years, one of the main parts is downtown,” said Leo Vasconcelos, Spartanburg resident. “We came here last year and now this year and the live music, all the people, it’s really cool.”

“It’s a very fun place for all people to come together because you can spend quality time with your family and your friends,” said Cayden Donaldson, Spartanburg resident.

Spring fling begins tomorrow at noon and lasts until 6 p.m.