SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – Spartanburg’s Southside Cultural Monument, which aims to honor the legacy and contributions of the city’s Black communities, is nearing completion. The project began in early 2023 after several years of planning.

It will be a monument driven by the community which was spearheaded by State Representative Rosalyn Henderson-Myers, guided by the African-American Heritage And Cultural Committee, and managed by the city.

“To me, the opportunity our young people have to see these phenomenal figures and the contributions they made to our community and to have a taste of what they stood for – this will inspire them to learn more,” Deputy City Manager Mitch Kennedy said.

Kennedy said the monument, which will sit at the northern corner of the Mary H. Wright Greenway, will cost just north of $1 million, funded by a combination of state funds and local donations.