ANDERSON CO., S.C. (WSPA) – Current and former employees at the Clemson Boulevard Starbucks are joining a nationwide strike against the company.

“Not just us. We have stores in New York, New York state. New York City, stores out in California, Washington. Stores all over the country on strike today,” said former Starbucks employee Aneil Tripathi.

Organizers said they’re trying to get corporate’s attention over what they’re calling unfair labor practices at unionized locations.

“Starbucks has also slashed our partner hours left and right. I have partners who went from 40 hours a week to working 20,” Tripathi said.

Also, they said they don’t get credit card tips.

“They’ve implemented it into every store that is nonunionized in the district. Literally, the store down the street has it, the store up the street has it, but we don’t have it,” Tripathi said.

“It is unfortunate that Workers United continues to spread misleading claims while disrupting the Starbucks Experience that our partners and customers have come to love and expect,” said Starbucks in a statement. “We respect our partners’ right to engage in lawful protest activities, but we remain focused on listening to our partners and working alongside them to reinvent the Partner Experience and the future of Starbucks.”

Demonstrators in Anderson said they won’t stop voicing their concerns until something is done.

“Also having an inside standpoint of knowing what they go through and what they have to deal with and being able to push the limits on this is what we can serve, this is what we can do with it I think is really important. I think that’s how everyone else out here feels. We’re going to fight for each other,” Tripathi said.

The strike is set to last until Sunday.