GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – The state has rested its case after hours of questions about how the body of 18-year-old Diana Martinez-Gonzalez was found and the evidence collected.

It was met with discrepancies by the defense attorney of why more of that evidence didn’t come back conclusive.

“What was the defendant’s response to you asking if there was a female in the woods?,” asked the prosecution Wednesday morning in a Greenville County Courtroom.

“He started laughing,” said a lieutenant with the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office when he took the witness stand.

A Greenville County lieutenant taking to the witness stand. He said he spoke to the defendant, Daniel De Jesus Rangel Sherrer on October 4 of 2017, but didn’t get many answers.

“Did he make any response to you?,” the prosecution asked.

“He says he forgot,” the lieutenant responded.

This lieutenant was one of many law enforcement officials that responded to a Greenville County property on that October day near Saluda Dam Road.

It stemmed from a 911 call made by a girl who said her best friend had been shot and killed. She said it all happened after they decided to skip school and called the defendant, Rangel Sherrer for a ride to breakfast.

Instead, she said he brought them back to his house. That’s where she said, he was acting strange, violent and kept asking if they knew a man named Rueben.

A forensic analysts who was there in 2017, said the body appeared to be covered with branches.

The defense attorney took exception to some of the evidence collected, saying it wasn’t processed in the necessary time frame.

“When the report came back that it was outside of six hours and that was wrong, did you call SLED back and say, there has been a mistake and we need to get this gunshot residue test performed?,” questioned Defense Attorney, Thomas Quinn.

“Never saw the test results,” the lead investigator responded.

A deputy who also took the stand Wednesday talked about a past experience meeting Rangel Sherrer. He said it was in 2016 for a report of shots being fired at his house. When interviewing the defendant then, he reportedly told this deputy, he believed a man named Rueben did it.

The trial resumes Thursday morning with closing arguments.