CLEMSON, S.C. (WSPA)- Clemson students living in the Dockside Apartment complex say they feel unsafe, after multiple issues with the infrastructure, the most recent being a carbon monoxide leak.

Clemson sophomore, Danielle Filice says she’s lived in Dockside since it opened.

“We weren’t able to move in until about a month after school started, which was already frustrating,” Filice said.

She says there’s been problem after problem since she’s lived there, things like the water being shut off.

Filice said, “The water is back on now but the last time it got shut off there was actually like sediment in the water.”

Then on Tuesday, a gas leak.

“It was actually my neighbor’s carbon monoxide alarm going off so I went out to the hallway and they said what’s going on and they said we need to call 911,” Filice said.

The Clemson University Fire Department says they found gas coming from a construction zone in a retail space under the apartments.

“The equipment they were using to finish the concrete was gas powered and by running the gas-powered equipment in that enclosed area downstairs had allowed the co to build,” Chief Rick Cramer said.

The Dockside management team sent tenants a letter after the incident saying, “We want to reiterate that there was no threat to residents during this time and the levels weren’t elevated to risk personal safety. Fortunately, we are grateful the alert system worked as intended.”

“We’re not receiving what we’re paying for, which kind of feels like I’m being ripped off and taken advantage of, because this is student housing and I feel like they think they can take advantage of us,” Filice said.

The Clemson University Fire Department says they believe the apartment is safe for the tenants.

We reached out to the property managers of Dockside, Landmark Properties, via phone and email. We have not heard back yet.