GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – Greenville was ranked as the number one city in the country for remote workers in a new study, and rapid growth is expected in the coming years.

The study was conducted by lifestyle blog RentCafe where they surveyed multiple areas of what makes the city attractive for remote workers including work and life balance, cost of living and overall atmosphere.

Working remotely has given people the opportunity to work anywhere. The Chamber of Commerce said Greenville is a great place to do that.

While there are still hundreds of job vacancies, the chamber said an increase in remote workers will add a new element to the workforce.

They anticipate it adding even more growth to the area.

Last year, the chamber projected over 200,000 people will move to Greenville by 2040 but now they think this number is conservative as Greenville continues to make headlines.

“There’s no doubt about it as great as our community is right now, it is not without opportunities for improvement,” said Chamber CEO Carlos Phillips.

As more and more people make Greenville their home, Phillips said there are specific areas that need to be focused on.

“Specifically in areas like housing, infrastructure, transit,” said Phillips, “we can, and we must do better again if we’re going to be best prepared for this growth that we anticipate.”

Phillips said, dealing with an increase of new people is a good problem to have.

“I’d much rather live in a community that is growing as Greenville is versus many communities right now that are experiencing the opposite phenomenon,” said Phillips.

Phillips said tourism plays a big role in the steady growth because as more people visit Greenville, more people decide to call it home.