ANDERSON, S.C. (WSPA) – A teenager is in custody after active shooter 911 calls Thursday morning in Anderson.

Officers responded to an intersection Thursday morning for calls of an active shooter in Anderson.

Anderson Police Department said officers responded at 9 a.m. to an active shooter call at the intersection of East Hampton Lane and Best Lane.

While en route, officers learned it was not an active shooter but rather someone who had discharged a firearm.

Police said calls and concerns came from many residents and workers at the Condor Health Facility located on East Hampton Lane.

“It was not an actual rifle that was shot in the air,” Chief Jim Stewart said. “I appreciate all our units with Anderson City and Anderson Sheriff’s Office that came and assisted us. It really could have been a tragic situation for us with an active shooter but it was not but it shows what the response is in Anderson County to this.”

Once officers arrived at the scene, the suspect ran into his house and got in the shower. Officers surrounded the house until they were able to negotiate for the 16-year-old suspect to come out.

“There was a Busch Master AR replica air soft rifle in there that the juvenile had shot as he walked down the street,” Stewart said.

Police said a .22 revolver was also found in the home.

Stewart said charges are pending but the juvenile will likely be charged with breach of peace and weapon violations.

“It could have been a really tragic situation,” Stewart said. “I just saw the rifle as our investigators pulled it out of his bedroom with a search warrant. It looks like the same rifle that I carry in my truck except that it has a beige plastic in the middle.”

Following an investigation, the juvenile will be arrested and taken to the Department of Juvenile Justice.