PARIS MOUNTAIN STATE PARK, S.C. (WSPA) – It’s getting warmer which means lots of people are going to be enjoying the outdoors. As fun as it can be, it’s also important to prepare for emergencies.

Hiking, biking and camping are all popular activities in the Upstate, but just like most outdoor adventures, they come with risks.

Barbara Jackson said after she fell while hiking, she’s more aware of the dangers.

“It was drizzling rain and I had on tennis shoes of course, and my foot slipped going down to the dam,” Jackson said. “I turned a flip, hit my shoulder, but other than that I was ok.”

Prisma Health said accidents like Jackson’s happen all the time in the Upstate.

“We see snake envenomations every year, bites and stings from different insects, we’ve seen people who have touched the wrong plant or just sprained their ankle or maybe have a headache or dehydrated,” Prisma Health physician, Dr. Nathaniel Mann said

That’s why Dr. Mann is urging folks to be prepared before they get into a situation where you or a loved one could need help.

He said carrying a summer first aid kit could be the difference between a serious and minor injury.

“When I think about a medical kit, my approach is to have the essentials you can’t glean from the environment,” Dr. Mann said.

The other things to include are medical tape, gauze, an epi-pen and pain relievers.

“You can reduce not only your own potential outcome but reduce a lot of the problems and resources used that are used to help rescue people and to go out into the wild,” Dr. Mann said.

Prisma Health said to avoid putting things in your kit that you don’t know how to use. Also, check the expiration dates before you go.