Greenville, S.C. (WSPA) – Whether it’s enjoying back-to-school with younger grandchildren or taking classes yourself in your time understanding technology and how to use it can be helpful.

Bill Vicary with Just Call Bill, offers classes for older adults and their families to help senior learn what type of technology they need or will use most often and be most productive with.

Vicary said that could mean a flip phone if all you do is receive phone calls, a mobile phone if you’d like to connect with other programs or devices or are on the go and want to bring your tech with you.

He said communication is the most sought after skill seniors want to know which could look like texting, video chats or sending photos. Vicary shows older adults these things and more with his class. You can sign up at his website here.

There are also other programs that can connect on the mobile phones like hearing aids. Connecting devices like the doorbell, television, music video and more if easy. Kathryn Miles Jackson AuD has an office in Greenville at 25 Woods Lake Rd Suite 401 29607. Learn about getting compatible hearing aids at her website.