GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – Local restaurant The Burrow at Augusta has closed its doors due to staffing shortages.

The decision was posted to their social media page that they would be closing their doors.

The owners state that although opening six months before the COVID-19 pandemic, the national staffing shortage is to blame for their three-year-old business’ down-fall.

“… with the insanity of the national staff shortage currently taking place and the pressure that is putting on all restaurants it makes more sense to cut our losses and try to focus on our two original restaurants and try to keep what staff we have employed in our company.”

The Burrow at Augusta Facebook Post

Confirmation about the future of the Augusta St. space is only referred to in the post as “… moving into very good hands…”

The owners say that their other locations downtown, Barley’s and Trappe Door, will continue to operate and staff will have the opportunity to move to those locations.