The Great Anderson County Fair is returning to the area May 4-14 with more rides, more food vendors, and more shows than ever before.

Crowds of 75,000 -100,000 people are expected at the fair in Anderson County over the 11-day period, according to manager Tod Miller.

He said it takes about four or five days to get everything set up. 

“It has been windy the past couple of days and a lot of rain if you are familiar with last week,” Miller said. “The wind has helped dry the ground out here in front of the civic center. We are used to doing this, we move pretty often.”

Miller said while most people may enjoy the food and rides, his favorite thing is seeing the community.

“I like to see people come together,” Miller said. “One of the things people think is people only come to the fair to ride rides but only about 50% of people ride rides. The food is what people come for, 100% of people eat food.” 

Miller said they hope everyone in the community will have a chance to enjoy the 31 rides and 35 food vendors.

He said there will be discounts offered with a different special each day.

“From hero day, senior day, kids day, to student day, everyone at some point has the opportunity to attend the fair.” Miller said.

This year more safety procedures are in place, including a youth attendance policy requiring anyone under the age of 17 to be accompanied by an adult after 5 p.m..

“When I say we sell family fun that is who we are trying to sell to, ” Miller said. “We implemented a youth attendance policy last year at the fair and this year we are taking it a step further. We are doing like concerts and football games, clear bags. If you don’t have a clear bag we will give you a gallon zip lock bag but you have to have a clear bag or small clutch to come in.”

If you are planning to come join the fun, the fair is located at the Anderson Sports and Entertainment Complex.

To buy tickets to the fair, click here.