(WSPA) – Clemson is considering a construction project that would change the look of one of the most recognizable features of Memorial Stadium.

The project proposes making the Hill more accommodating and safer for students.

The initial drawings include an easing of the angle of the hill and standing areas, with sections of steps.

Clemson athletics said the preliminary proposal would not reduce fan capacity or eliminate the grass on the Hill.

“I think people have been here a long time, and for upperclassmen it will change and change isn’t always comfortable for everyone,” Clemson freshman Kay Burack said. “There is also the safety aspect though and I personally think that, for reasons people have looked into I think it would be a good idea.”

Many students told us the slope of the hill is often too steep to stand on for the whole game.   

“Standing on the hill, it is obviously so fun but people always leave at halftime just because it literally hurts so bad just to stand on the Hill,” Clemson Student Ellie Dunn said.

The project leaves the middle section of the Hill open for players and coaches to run down, as that tradition dates back to 1942.

Clemson athletics said if the project goes through the only change to the middle section of the Hill would be new sod.

“There is obviously a lot of tradition to the Hill and it is a staple,” Clemson Freshman Brady Beddingfield said. “It is one of the most famous entrances in college football but as long as they preserve that I really don’t have an issue with it.”

Clemson athletics told us the project is still in the preliminary stages. They are still getting feedback and have no cost estimates.