DUNCAN, S.C. (WSPA) – South Carolina Senator Tim Scott brought his campaign for president back to the Upstate.

Friday morning Presidential hopeful, Tim Scott, unveiled his new plan, ‘Build Don’t Borrow,’ during a roundtable discussion on Spartanburg Community College’s Tyger River Campus in Duncan.

“My plan is a simple one. It’s to build not borrow,” said Sen. Tim Scott, (R) presidential candidate.

Alongside South Carolina small business owners and other community members, Scott listened to the concerns people have about our current economy.

“I am always curious to hear what someone’s policies are and what their plans are to advance,” said Donnie Patterson Jr., an electrical contractor in the Upstate.

Scott and his campaign team are hoping to gain voters’ attention by addressing issues in his newly announced ‘Build Don’t Borrow’ plan.

According to Scott’s campaign team, the new plan hopes to do the following:

  • Cutting spending, government, and taxes
    • Cut non-defense discretionary spending back to the pre-pandemic baseline
    • Prevent, what Scott’s campaign calls, the Biden Tax Hike; make personal and family tax cuts permanent, and get rid of the Death Tax with hopes of saving family farms
    • Move cabinet agency staff out of Washington, D.C., end automatic raises for federal bureaucrats and push money and power back into the Heartland
  • Get America working
    • Rebuild a culture that motivates, inspires, and requires work
    • Restore the dignity of work, according to Scott’s campaign team, through Welfare Reform 2.0; eliminate marriage penalties and strengthen work requirements across the safety net
    • Expand skilled trades through tax cuts, and apprenticeships, and expand the Pell Grants
  • Made in America
    • Eliminate the Factory Tax and supercharge American manufacturing by rewarding American businesses that build, not foreign companies that borrow
    • Make American energy abundant, cheap, and dominant by ramping up oil and gas development, expanding ethanol and biofuels, and aiming to double nuclear energy in 10 years
    • Expand ‘Make in America’ for vital sectors like medicines, microchips, minerals, and military technology
    • Defend the American farmers who feed and power the nation. Scott’s plan hopes to stop China from buying up U.S. farmland, protect property rights from liberal regulators, and prevent the IRS from depleting family farms

“If we cut taxes, cut spending, and cut the size of the government, we will be doing exactly the opposite of what Joe Biden has done,” said Sen. Scott. “He’s increased spending, increased the size of government, and increased taxes. That doesn’t work in the private sector.” 

During his discussion, Scott acknowledged the importance of growing the nation’s workforce.

“We have to find a way to encourage and inspire people to go back to work. That’s one thing as your president we would have, we would have a nationwide sea to shining sea agreement that if you pick the type of work, but if you are able-bodied you are doing to work,” Sen. Scott said.

It’s an issue that Spartanburg Community College leaders said they’re helping combat.

“We have to have individuals that are well trained and individuals who are prepared to go out into the workforce,” said Dr. Michael Mikota, President, of Spartanburg Community College.

“We have the most remarkable technical schools in America,” said Sen. Scott. “And when we focus our attention on the local economy and we design an education and a workforce development strategy around the needs of that specific community, the most remarkable things happen.” 

The new plan comes on the heels of another recent proposal that, Scott said, aimed to empower parents and protect children.

Sen. Scott will bring his policies to the stage later this month for the second 2024 Republic Presidential debate.

Scott’s visit to Spartanburg County comes after a recent statewide swing where his campaign said he drew overflow crowds in Charleston, Lexington, Greenville, and Anderson.