SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – Big news for bicyclists in the Upstate, a leading manufacturer is headed to Spartanburg County.

The $6.5 million investment from TIME Bicycles will create over 100 jobs. They’re going to set up shop on 30 acres, at the former Bommer Industries. They will renovate the 140,000 square foot factory, located at 19810 Asheville Highway.

David Britt of the Spartanburg County Council said this plan has been years in the making.

“We all said this is a premium world-known brand that we want here, and we went after it and were very successful,” said Britt.

Added Britt: “Folks riding their bikes have won several Olympics, they have placed many of the legs of the Tour de France, and world championships in biking.”

Landrum Mayor Robert Riggs said the 105 jobs will only create opportunities for the residents.

“They found just what they were looking for. A biking community that was really focused on enjoying, not only biking, but quality of place,” he said.

Cyclists in the area, like Michael Forrester, are excited.

“TIME coming here is very exciting. Us, for a cycling community, it’s very important to us. This will take Spartanburg on a global scale when it comes to cycling,” he said.

Forrester said his group, The Freewheelers, bike multiple times a week.

“Right now, training for the Assault on Mount Mitchell, obviously, many of us are riding six days a week. We typically have anywhere between 60-75 riders on a ride here with Freewheelers,” said Forrester.

Tony Karklins, CEO of TIME Bicycles said there will be three different levels of jobs:

  • raw labor
  • skilled
  • supervisors

Karklins said 65% of the direct labor jobs will be on the factory floor. He said they are working with Ready SC, a workforce training program, on wages.

“They will help raise the bar, they’ll offer extremely high wages, with great benefits and that will offer hope and opportunity for all our residents,” said Britt.

Britt said with the Saluda Grade Trail being added, there will be over 50 miles for people to ride.

“The folks that will come to Landrum and want to buy a TIME bike, they can hop right on the trail,” he said.

Britt and Forrester both emphasized how the skilled workforce in the area adds to the excitement.

“TIME will be using the carbon fiber that Toray builds, right here in Spartanburg,” said Britt.

Karklins said they plan to start renovations this April and hope to be fully operational by the end of 2024.