SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) — At The Bridge at Green Street, people experiencing homelessness are connected with food, clothing and held finding jobs.

“We want folks to have that opportunity to provide for their families within their means,” said Managing Director Lucy Sizemore.

While serving the community, employees and volunteers recognized a need. Many single homeless women were being turned away from housing.

“The highest percentage of homeless people are men,” explained Director of Women and Children Deandra Comer. “Our beds in Spartanburg reflect that. Women have a lot less opportunities and options. Women with children have first priority for beds in Spartanburg.”

These single women may soon have more options. First Baptist Church of Spartanburg is building The Bridgeway Village. It will be a community made up of 18 tiny homes specifically for single women experiencing homelessness.

“Our goal is that we have women in houses by the end of 2022,” said Comer.

Half of the homes will have one bedroom, while the other will half have two.

“The vision behind the two bedrooms is that we want to help women get children back into their custody once moving forward in our programs,” Comer said.

Women will live in the village for a year. During that time, they will commit to a program where they will learn job skills, take financial classes and be connected with employment opportunities. They will also work with The Bridge at Green Street to develop a case management plan.

“The goal of our program is once they leave our program in 12 months, they are self-sustaining, able to pay their own rent, have employment and are able to take care of their needs,” said Comer.

Comer said they hope to begin construction on the village this summer and welcome women into the homes by the end of the year.

They are in the process of selecting a project manager. Comer said rent will be determined based on each tenant’s income.