GREENVILLE CO, S.C. (WSPA) – Construction is continuing on a stretch of Interstate 85 near Pelham Road as crews work to build a new bridge.

Work on the Rocky Creek Bridge project is taking place near the Pelham Road exit (Exit 54).

The project is being done to replace the existing culvert at Rocky Creek with a bridge.

The South Carolina Department of Transportation said the need for this project was first recognized in August 2014 when officials said about four to five feet of water flooded a 500-foot stretch of the interstate.

The DOT asked drivers to pay close attention as lanes have recently shifted and will shift again in the future.

Over the weekend, workers moved the I-85 northbound exit ramp to Pelham Road in order to facilitate the next phase of construction.

Drivers said the short notice to get over and off the exit, with the construction, has been a bit difficult.

“A lot of people not realizing the right lane is exit only and so they slam on breaks and then they cut over last second,” Greenville resident Steven Whisenhunt said.

SCDOT said the project will aid in widening the interstate as well, both north and southbound will be four lanes.

Drivers are hoping the project will ease congestion.

“It’s Greenville. You always get traffic,” Greenville resident Ted Griffin said. “I am kind of used to it now because I have been here for 13-14 years, but it will get better, hopefully.”

A bid for this project was submitted in January 2020. Records show almost $30 million was awarded for the project.

SCDOT said this is a staged construction project, so there will be traffic shifts in order to construct each section across the Interstate.

“We are anticipating another traffic switch in the next couple of months, in which traffic on I-85 north will be shifted onto the new bridge in order for construction work to begin in the middle section of I-85,” SCDOT said.

They asked drivers to pay attention to construction workers and cars near the work zone.

“It is kind of hard to get through all the construction stuff and it pushes traffic back,” Griffin said. “Trying to get to work takes a while. I like what they are doing, I just wish they could do it a little bit faster.”

SCDOT anticipates the entirety of the bridge and the roadway to be open to traffic in the fall of 2024.