CHEROKEE COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – Drivers in Cherokee County said they’re used to avoiding I-85 when they can.

“I usually have to take back roads to get here because of how crazy the construction is,” said Madison McCraw, who lives in the area.

Now, due to construction around exit 90 heading northbound, South Carolina Highway Patrol has shut down exit 92 and created a detour. It’s causing more traffic however, and nearby shoppers at the Gaffney Outlets are worried for the employees heading into work.

“I work as well and, in a hurry, just trying to get to work some people get fired for that it’s very important to be on time to work,” said McCraw.

Others said they are trying to get to school and experience the same problems each day when they get onto I-85 in Cherokee County. They hope the roads get fixed soon, saying the construction is causing accidents and damage to their cars. 

“It’s definitely worth it, it just seems like it’s taking forever so then is it worth it when it’s taking so long…we’ve been waiting a year for the roads to get fixed,” said Harper. 

The South Carolina Department of Transportation, or SCDOT, said the detour is so they can complete necessary repair work to the pavement in that area. The work will include adding additional layers to the road surface to strengthen it and accommodate the nearly 29,000 vehicles that travel in that direction daily, including 7,250 trucks. They said this work is expected to continue through the end of the year.