DUNCAN, S.C. (WSPA) – A traffic stop on highway 290 Friday night quickly took a turn once officers approached the car.

“He ran his K-9 around and got the alert so that gave him probable cause to search the vehicle,” said Lieutenant Terry Lane, Duncan Police.

Kaos, the K-9 assisting officers, was warning them of a hidden compartment filled with a large amount of money. After searching, officers located the compartment and Lieutenant Lane said their actions protected more than just the Duncan community.

“Any time they’re running with compartments it can be a state to state transaction, they could be coming from a different state through our state going to another state and it happened to get stopped in Duncan,” said Lieutenant Lane.

Duncan police said these compartments are dead giveaways in situations like this, which is how they initially realize the money is linked to drugs and criminal activity. Most cars don’t have secret compartments like the one in this case. 

“Most of these cars that run drugs, they’ll have a compartment built into the vehicle and most people don’t know what they’re looking for, they have no idea that that compartment is there,” said Lieutenant Lane.

Duncan police said if you have any information or are suspicious about something in your area to reach out to them immediately.