GREENVILLE COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – An upright commute for a Norfolk Southern freight train derailed and overturned Thursday morning, prompting an emergency response from several local departments.

According to the Parker District Fire Department, the train derailed around 8 a.m. at Buncombe Road at Old Buncombe Road in the Poe Mill Community.

“It’s really a multi-faceted response because you have so many different possibilities of what could be going on. You have the possibility of a fire, you have the possibility of a health emergency to the public, you have the possibility of a hazmat incident. So really at that point there they just started going through and making sure those things were not an issue,” said Chief Greg Farley, Parker District Fire Department.

In an interview Thursday, Chief Farley said his crew quickly went to work after receiving the call. He confirmed three tanker cars and several other train cars were derailed. There were no reported injuries.

“Nobody is hurt, no injuries. Everybody is good with the rail yard workers and there was no public involved,” said Farley.

As for what’s next, deputy director of Greenville County Emergency Management, Pierce Womack, said there will be a lengthy cleanup for railroad crews.

“They will probably be working out here with a lot of heavy equipment over the next several days to get this back open and going,” said Womack.

Greenville County emergency management teams, the Parker District Fire Department, and other first responders stayed on the scene until the threat of hazardous materials, or a potential leak was ruled out.

Firefighters said there were no hazards to the community after investigating the situation.

Soon after, crews with Norfolk Southern transitioned to a repair and recovery phase and worked to get everything back up and running.

“The rail owners are on scene and they are bringing their support agencies to the area at this point; hazmat teams, security teams, and so forth,” said Farley.

Buncombe Road at Old Buncombe Road and a portion of the Swamp Rabbit Trail will be closed until further notice until Norfolk Southern clears the area.

“I think the Swamp Rabbit Trail will remain closed, this section of it, until they know that the public is safe to go back on that,” said Womack.

Emergency management said it could take several days to clean up.