LAURENS, S.C. (WSPA) — The city of Laurens will not renew its contract with waste management company Green For Life (GFL) when it expires in February 2023 due to “service quality issues” and “community concerns.”

In a statement, Mayor Nathan Senn said, “We are fed up, the community is fed up, and it is time for a change.”

This comes after Senn said the city had received complaints about service issues.

“There have been some complaints that trash has been missed on certain streets,” said City Administrator Eric Delgado

Beginning in March, the locally-owned company Carolina Waste Management will begin collecting trash in Laurens.

“I think the benefit of having a local company serve Laurens is that there will be representation in town,” explained Delgado. “Residents can go to their front desk. They can ask questions. This company will handle billing. Most importantly, this company will understand the streets of Laurens. You won’t have problems where trash is missed.”

Trash will continue to be picked up on Wednesdays, and all residents will receive new bins.

However, Delgado said residents’ current monthly bill of $11 will likely increase..

“There are still some negotiations, but we want to keep the cost very low and as close to the original fee as possible,” said Delgado. ‘We’re looking at possibly a $5 fee increase.”

“I think it’s ridiculous,” said Leroy Todd, a Laurens resident. “We’re already paying city taxes. Why doesn’t the city pay for it?”

Todd said he has not had many issues with GFL.

“The only problem I have is every now and then is the trash can is turned over,” said Todd.

But, Todd said paying more for the new service will be difficult.

“I’m on fixed income,” said Todd. “I can’t afford to pay $11, but I pay it because they do a good job.”

The city said further details about the service and costs “will be provided as they become available.”