INMAN, S.C. (WSPA) – Tuesday night’s storms brought damage to areas throughout the Upstate.

A homeowner told 7NEWS he was sleeping when a tree fell through his home. With the tree being uprooted from the ground, he said there are tree limbs throughout his home and part of the tree in the living room.

Jerry Toney has lived in his home for many years. He said he was already tucked in for the night when the winds started getting stronger.

“I was asleep, I woke up, I heard some funny noises. It sounded like my trailer was blown up or something, but it was I guess that tree,” said Toney.

Toney said he doesn’t own the land his home sits on, just his house.

“I feel pretty good, but I know it’s bad for me because I ain’t got a lot of money to put it back together,” he said.

Half of his home is covered by the tree with limbs through his ceiling and walls. Multiple trees fell down around his home, but Toney said he’s just thanking God he’s even alive.

Toney said he’s planning on staying at his home and figuring out repairs over the next couple of days. face