GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA)- There have been 614 traffic fatalities in South Carolina as of September 5th.

60 of those deaths have been in Greenville County. South Carolina Highway Patrol’s goal is zero.

“We talk about target zero. which is [Department of Public Safety’s] mission is zero lives lost,” South Carolina Highway Patrol Trooper Brandon Bolt said.

Starting Tuesday and lasting through Wednesday, more state troopers and local law enforcement officers will be out on the roads in Greenville County.

Troopers said Greenville has some of the busiest highways in the Upstate.

“You got pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists, people riding mopeds,” Bolt said.

The most patrolled places will be the interstates like I-85 and I-385, along with US-29.

Highway Patrol said they’ll be looking for people speeding, distracted drivers, and people with road rage.

“If you decide to not do the right things or get complacent when driving a car, now something that is a 4,000, 5,000-pound projectile driving down the road, and that is very dangerous,” Bolt said.

Troopers said they will also be looking for drivers under the influence. They said they the consequences aren’t worth the risk of these violations.

“When it comes to DUI, that is something that I’m very passionate about as a trooper and all the troopers that I know and anybody helping with this initiative,” said Bolt. “We can all find somewhere where driving under the influence has affected our lives somewhere in your family, so there’s zero tolerance when it comes to that.”

Highway Patrol also reminded people that not all police cars are marked, they do have an increased number of unmarked patrol cars that will be out on the roads in the next coming days.