SPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA)- Residents in the communities outside of Tyger River Park said they’ve been having the same conversation for half a year now. 

“We’ve been waiting for the playground to open for about six months,” said Cecilia Wesselman, a resident nearby.

In January crews officially broke ground on what will soon be two new playgrounds inside the Tyger River Park. 

While many at first wondered why they would replace the original playgrounds,

“We were like my gosh, how could they improve on that,” said Wesselman.

Spartanburg County Parks and Recreation said there’s an easy answer. 

“In general playgrounds have a lifespan of 10-15 years and this one in Tyger River Park was just over 10 years old but one of the really big factors in addition to the age was that the manufacture of the old playground is no longer in business so a few things on it were starting to break and we weren’t able to get replacement parts for it,” said Kristen Guilfoos, marketing manager for Spartanburg County Parks.

While bringing in these two new playgrounds, the county listened to what else could be added to the renovations. 

“They asked, we listened,” said Guilfoos. “So most of the benches will have shade over them…there are a lot of really cool more inclusive play areas for the children in both age group playgrounds as well.” 

Due to weather and supply chain issues causing a backorder on equipment, the opening day has been delayed. But in the meantime, residents are continuing to check out the area every day, eager to enjoy the new project. 

“We can see they’re working on it today so that’s really good news for us and we’re really looking forward to it,” said Wesselman.

Although there is no opening date yet, Spartanburg Parks and Rec said they’ll keep residents updated through social media.