UNION COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – Investigators in Union County are actively searching for a murder suspect.

The Union County Sheriff’s Office said they responded to a call on September 1 for an unconscious male.

What seemed to be a death due to a combination of alcohol and untreated medical conditions turned out to be a homicide.

When first responders arrived at Prospect Corner Road in Union County, they said they found 33-year-old Stanley Jones in the bathroom and moved him to the kitchen where they tried to revive him.

“They had said that he drank a large amount of alcohol and there could possibly be drugs. So, those were the kind of the things we were looking at,” said Sheriff Jeff Bailey.

Bailey said EMS administered Narcan, but he was pronounced dead. The sheriff said Jones’s girlfriend, Alexis Jones, was there. He said investigators noticed scratches and a wound on Stanley’s neck.

“When she was asked that, she stated that he was drunk and had been outside, and she tried to get him to come inside, he wouldn’t. He just must have fell and hurt himself, scratched his face up and the place on his neck,” he said.

While on scene, officials said his death seemed to be from a combination of substances and untreated medical conditions. It wasn’t until the autopsy they learned Stanley Jones had been stabbed.

“There was not a lot of blood on the floor, or anywhere, that we’d seen. It was just a small amount,” said Sheriff Bailey.

Bailey said the wound bled internally.

“It’s not often you see somebody who is deceased like that and stabbed, where there’s not a lot of blood. Most of the time there is,” he said.

That’s when the case became a homicide investigation, and the sheriff said, Alexis Jones became the suspect.

“I just want people to understand that, I mean, you watch these crime shows on TV and it looks so simple. They’ll solve it in an hour. It don’t work like that. We do the best we can, we try to cross our t’s and dot our i’s,” said Sheriff Bailey.

He said the murder weapon was found inside the home.

They are still actively searching for Alexis Jones. If you see her, Sheriff Bailey said do not approach her, but call 911.

He said to try to get as much information as you can, such as what she’s wearing, if she’s in a car, what kind of car and the license plate.