UNION COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – The Union County Sheriff’s Office has donated a patrol car to the University of South Carolina Union campus.

Campus officials say their security officers will now be able to get places faster.

Union County Sheriff Jeff Bailey said they donated the SUV last week. He said they went to county council for approval, and once it was approved, they gave it to the school–free of charge.

With the student population growing, the school wanted their officers to have another way to get around campus and attend athletic events.

“It’s more or less to make people feel safer and know there’s somebody patrolling around on the campus and being seen,” said Bailey.

“They’ll be able to drive it around and it’ll be a good presence at different buildings around campus,” said Campus Dean Randy Lowell. “That’ll help them a lot, you know. Help increase that safety for the students and everybody else on campus.”

Lowell said the campus has almost 1,100 students this semester.

Along with security cameras covering the campus, the dean said this patrol car provides even more protection to their students and staff.