UNION COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) — The Union County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents about a puppy scam circulating on social media.

According to investigators, the post comes from an account by a woman living in union county. They said her account was hacked, and the person now in control of the account claims to have seven Goldendoodle puppies up for adoption. The post says the puppies are free, and only a rehoming fee will be charged.

“Be careful,” said Union County Sheriff Jeff Bailey. “If it sounds too good to be true, it normally will be.”

Bailey said at least one person lost $50 in this scam.

“This person actually sent in a deposit and then once the deposit was received, they were blocked on Facebook and that was it,” explained Bailey.

Judy Thompson told 7News she saw the post about the puppies and contacted the Facebook account.

“I recently had a dog who I had for several years who passed away, so I was looking for a puppy,” said Thompson.

When the person asked Thompson to send her $300 online to reserve a puppy, Thompson said she started seeing red flags.

“She said I’d never scam anybody,” said Thompson.

Luckily, Thompson stopped communicating with the person and did not lose any money.

Bailey said he and his team are working to identify the person behind the post to prevent anyone else from being scammed.

“If you’re going to make transactions with people, find a safe location and do it face to face where you exchange money for the product,” said Bailey. “That’s the safest way to do it.”

If anyone has information about the scam or is concerned that they are being scammed, they can contact the Union County Sheriff’s Office.