SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – Several people who live at Robert Smalls Apartments, in Spartanburg, have called 7NEWS saying they don’t have heat.

People living there moved from Norris Ridge. Those who spoke to 7NEWS, both on and off camera, said as it’s getting colder, they hope to have heat back soon.

“Last night got really cold in here,” said Leslie Rossi.

“We should be living better,” said Sandra McHam.

Rossi is a mother of two little boys, one is only three months old. She said her heat is no longer working.

“I use my stove and oven to heat my home for my babies, because I have two baby boys right here, and heat is essential in the wintertime,” she said.

As we get closer to winter, she said the nights are getting cold.

“Not being able to keep warm even though, no matter how many blankets you put on, it’s still cold in here,” said Rossi.

The mother said she moved from Norris Ridge last June. She also said she and her babies are dealing with mold.

“Since April, I was pregnant with him, he’s three months old today, I’ve had mold in my apartment,” she said. “It has caused a persistent cough for me and my 22-month-old.”

She feels like her voice isn’t being heard.

“They’ve refused to do anything about it, I have documented every time I have reported this issue to them, which has been over 8 times,” she said. “”They came, I guess it was two days ago and sprayed the corner of the mold to cover it up and say that they have done something.”

McHam also lives in the complex and said her heat system is her main problem.

“They sent somebody out to fix it and he was honest with me, real honest with me about it, it will run a while, but it’s not going to last,” said McHam.

The resident said so many residents do not have heat.

“I just start praying to God, you know,” she said.

Everyone without heat is hoping they come home to a warm house soon.

“These are not safe living, stable conditions for me and my babies with mold in here and no heat,” said Rossi.

“Of course, they have to something about this, gotta get some heat,” said McHam.

A representative with Equity Plus, the company who owns Robert Smalls Apartments, said they are working diligently to fix the issue. They said there are 3 subcontractor groups working on getting the heat back. They have purchased 50 space heaters that are being given to those without consistent heat.