SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) — As Hurricane Ian churns through the Gulf of Mexico toward U.S. soil, Upstate emergency managers encouraged residents to prepare.

According to forecasters, tropical systems that make landfall in the Gulf before traveling north have potential to endanger the Upstate.

“The reason is that when those storms come up on our west coast, we’re on the east side of those storms, the area that gets those tornadoes, that gets that severe weather,” 7News Meteorologist Malachi Rogers said. “And the mountains – although they’re fantastic to view – they squeeze out a lot of that moisture, so what will happen is you’ll get these pockets of heavy rain and flooding concerns.”

Spartanburg County Emergency Manager Doug Bryson said his department is in close contact with state officials, closely monitoring the forecast.

With the potential threat of flooding, high winds and tornadoes, Bryson reminded residents to be prepared.

He recommended stocking up with several days of nonperishable food, filling medication prescriptions, checking supplies of batteries and preparing alternative energy sources, like generators.

“You want to make sure that they’re maintained,” Bryson said. “Make sure you have fresh fuel in them and you have enough fuel for a couple days. And by all means, please keep those outside at all times.”

Bryson also warned consumers not to panic-buy gasoline.

“If you hear about fuel and gasoline shortages in Florida, that doesn’t necessarily translate to shortages in South Carolina,” he said. “South Carolina gets its fuel from a different source than the State of Florida does. So it’s comparing apples to oranges.”